Who We Are

Our motto is simple: Happy bodies, healthy minds, and a cleaner planet- From our ingredients to our packaging. Additionally, we want you to have the best handmade soap. All of our all-natural soaps have a 5% superfat. That means they have a small amount of additional oil in each bar of handmade soap that adds extra moisturizing qualities to the soap bar. This little added kick increases the emollient properties in each of our bars.

All of our handmade soap bars are engineered using a traditional hand-crafted cold process and lots of love. Our recipes are designed to keep skin looking beautiful, which means NO harsh chemicals, and NO parabens or GMO’s. And since this is a bar of handmade soap that we use in our home, we only use cruelty-free, naturally organic, and vegan ingredients. Hooray! Your skin (and the planet) will thank you later.

Chase and Chambers is nestled in a corner of Northside, an urban eclectic and community-enriched neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. Many years ago, Tom and Ade wanted to fill their home with natural, home made products. What started out as a journey to become more self-sustained and to create a healthier environment, Tom and Ade decided to share their love of good, clean products to the community and beyond.

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