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Why Our Molds?

We’ve engineered our hand designed 3D printed molds using PLA which is derived from renewable resources, such as corn starch and tapioca roots.

The Key to Longer Lasting Soap

Meet the Soap Saver.

Our All-Natural handmade soaps contain glycerin, a humectant, which pulls in moisture. If your handmade soap remains wet, they will become mushy and will fall apart when you use it, shortening it’s life. The key to a long lasting bar of handmade soap is to allow it to dry between uses, therefore, we created the soap saver to allow air to circulate around your bar. As a result, it keeps your handmade soap dry and lasts longer.

Our all-natural handmade soap savers act like a deck by lifting the soap off the surface and allowing gravity to pull away excess water and the rest evaporates.

Soap Saver

Our Motto is Simple

Happy bodies, healthy minds, and a cleaner planet- From our ingredients to our packaging. 

We wanted to fill our home with natural, homemade soap products. 

What started out as a journey to become more sustainable and to create a healthier environment; turned into a labor of their love of good, clean products to the community and beyond.

We are partners in many things

 life, love, friendship. 

And really, really good handmade soap.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason, you aren’t completely satisfied with out handmade soap products, you may send them back with a full refund or exchange your product.